With You

Kristen has nothing to complain about. She has a successful career, good friends, and a killer apartment in a city she loves. But Kristen feels restless and stuck. When she decides to spend a year in the small town of Riverton, she expects quality time with her dad, a change of scenery, and new experiences to spark her creativity. She should have known things wouldn’t quite go how she planned.

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Early Praise for With You

It is a pleasure entering into the world of With You where the likable characters enjoy a true sense of camaraderie. There’s a real community feel in this novel. I loved the female and male viewpoints which offered insight into the smoldering relationship between Kristen and Jack. The twists and turns held my attention until the very end of the novel. Great stuff! – Gail Aldwin, This Much Huxley Knows

Curling up with this sweet romance novel is like a comfortable conversation with a best friend over steaming chai lattes; warm and engaging. With relatable characters and vivid descriptions, the story of Kristen and Jack’s complicated relationship is a delightful slow burn—until the sparks are undeniable…” – Laura Thomas, The Orphan Beach 

With You is a book you’ll want to take to the beach or snuggle up with on a cold winter night.  Reading it is like being wrapped in the warmth and love of extended family with characters so well written you’ll feel like you’ve known them forever.  The story of the main character is one I wouldn’t mind reading about in sequels, yet when this book ends, the conclusion leaves you with a sense of peace and satisfaction.   Overall a very satisfying read that I would recommend.   ~Barbara A. Luker, I Carry Your Heart

You Again

You Again is a sweet love story starring Rosalee McDonnell, a 62 year old widow who unexpectedly reconnects with George Barnes, her first love, the man who broke her heart at 17, and someone she thought she’d never see again. In alternating chapters, Rosalee also recalls the summer of 1973 when she and George met and fell in love. You Again is a story of first love and second chances, of resilience, family, friendship, and living a full life.

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Praise for You Again

You Again is a late-in-life romance that is incredibly sweet, while also feeling very real. I loved the character of Rosalee. The story goes back and forth between the past and the present in a way that’s very well done. This story was like a warm hug. I highly recommend it. ~ Dawn Klinge, author of Palmer Girl.

Great light-hearted read! I loved the character development and seeing how they evolve over the years. I want to be Rosalee’s friend! ~ Tamara Fassino, Amazon review

This is a delightful novel with relatable characters, unexpected turns, and vivid descriptions of badge and times gone by. It is a fun read! ~ keensor, Amazon review